smiths mesa zion hiking tours
smiths mesa zion tours
Southwestern Utah is known for its world-famous scenery and some of that scenery is found on the tops of its tall, colorful mesas. On one of those mesas, the red rock is interspersed with green pastures and beautiful vistas as far as the eye can see. And when you add to that, the magnificent scenery of Zion National Park, you’re talking about Smith Mesa.

Our 3-hour tour of Smith Mesa and Lambs Knoll showcases some of the most spectacular views that Southwest Utah has to offer including an epic, sweeping, 180-degree view of Zion National Park. Unless you’re in an airplane, there is no other way to see a view of Zion like this.

With Greater Zion Tours, you’ll ride in the comfort of one of our air-conditioned, 4WD touring vehicles while your guide narrates and points out all the places of interest along the way. We’ll also make plenty of stops so that you can take in the views (and take plenty of pictures).

Tour Specs:


 3.5 hours
 40 miles (64 km) roundtrip


 3500-6000 ft (1000-1800 m)





 Great views of Zion area and Southern, UT scenery
 Colorful sandstone cliffs
 Seldon-traveled backroads
Tour Type & Seasons Available:
Hike Ride & Hike Historic Geologic Archaeological Paleontological Winter Spring Summer Fall
Tour Price: $129.00
Tour Details:
There isn’t much hiking/walking on this tour but a few of the stops will require a short hike of no more than half a mile roundtrip. On the way up to Smith Mesa, your guide will explain that you’re going up the “geologic staircase” of the Zion area.

We’ll also pass by a military testing facility used for testing ejection seats for supersonic aircraft. Although it’s not really “secret”, it was built on top of the mesa so that nobody from the ground can see what is being tested and no one is allowed in without permission.

After touring Smith Mesa, we’ll head over to Lambs Knoll, which is a popular rock-climbing area. Here, we’ll walk through a labyrinth of sandstone passageways and short slots. There are also great views of the Cave Valley section of Zion National Park here. Much of this tour is on dirt roads but our air-conditioned vehicles will keep you comfortable.

Some other sights we’ll see are Native American rock art, dinosaur tracks and lots of spectacular rock formations. Your Greater Zion Tours guide knows where all of these and other great sights are so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

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